Our Story

North Arch Bathrooms London is a family run business in the heart of North London.

We offer a unique service in which we have the capability to design your bathroom, and also provide the opportunity to walk around your new bathroom before it is even installed. With our virtual 4D theatre you can immerse yourself in your new bathroom; removing the uncertainty of the outcome of your project.

From design to virtual reality, we can then take your project to our install team who have 30+ years of bathroom experience. Their keen eye for craftsmanship and perfection separates them from your standard installer.

This means North Arch Bathrooms London can run your project as a whole from start to finish fully managed by one of our team who can guide you through the whole process.

Meet the Team

Drew Dawson Director
The creator of North Arch Bathrooms and owner of Kobi our showroom mascot. After years of designing and installing bathrooms himself he decided to open up his own showroom (North Arch Bathrooms)
Redi Berisha Logistics & Marketing
A keen eye for videography, Redi quickly gained traction on our social media with his amazing skills with a camera. Redi also deals with the logistics side of the business.
Aimee Herzig Showroom Assistant
Aimee has been with North Arch Bathrooms for a year now and her creative eye has helped her design some amazing bathrooms. Her knowledge on bathrooms in such a short time is truly something to be proud of.
Donna Blake Showroom Manager & Senior Designer
The backbone of the company and a truly great designer. Donna has over 20 years experience in designing bathrooms and her knowledge is second to none.


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Virtual Reality


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